Rauber Maria Anabel was born in the city of Cordoba in Argentina, in 1984. Since she was a child she expressed interest in drawing and painting.
At thirteen years old, She learned to paint using oil on canvas, attending workshops held by Miryam Crespo and going on later with Maria Grazia Finocchietti. In the 2000 She received her first mention in the "Call for new artists, painting outdoors" sponsored by the city of Cordoba.
During the last years of high school Maria Anabel visited several times the Cabildo of Cordoba where the most important exhibitions of the great Argentinian masters of painting such as Fader, Quinquella, Spilimbergo took place.
The most important event was in 1999 when She visited the exhibition "Dali Monumental", where it was possible to admire engravings, reliefs, sculptures, paintings and photographs of the Spanish artist Salvador Dali.

In the 2002 She moved to Italy, to Turin, where She attended painting at the Academy of Fine Arts Albertina.
The influence of the Catalan artist is reflected in the paintings of the academic years, in which She created a dreamlike atmosphere where everything that seems to be impossible becomes true: the material is deformed and fades.
She wrote a thesis about "Dali and the Surrealism."
The most of paintings executed during the first four years in Italy, depict the condition of the Man who lives in a cruel reality, forced to suffer, flee or resign.
Since 2006, her research turns to a reality of light, love and life, by painting landscapes, flowers, and scenes of everyday life, without leave the imagination, the surrealist visions, and the study of colors.
Between 2009 and 2012 She studied Animation at the International School of Comics of Turin.
Currently, Anabel lives and works all around in Italy.

    Europe Exhibitions:

  • 2017 - "Paratissima", collective Exhibition at caserma Lamarmora Torino

  • 2017 - Collective Exhibition, spazio Chiesa S.S. Annunziata, via Po 45 Torino

  • 2016 - Collective Exhibition "59th Edition Painting extemporaneous Paolo Gaidano" City of Poirino, Salone Italia.

  • 2016 - Collective exhibition "Young woman artist comparing " ArtisticaMente associatinn, Teatro dei Dioscuri al Quirinale, Roma.

  • 2015 - Collective Exhibition, spazio Chiesa S.S. Annunziata, via Po 45 Torino.

  • 2014 - Collective Exhibition spazio Donna Sommelier Europa, Torino.

  • 2014 - Collective Exhibition "Maggio Felliniano - Federico Fellini" at Circolo degli Artisti di Torino, via Bogino 9.

  • 2014 - Contest-exhibition "Io espongo, XII Edizione", spazio Azimut, Torino.

  • 2011 - Casa Argentina Volver, Torino.

  • 2011 - "Ossigeno: Sogno di mezz'estate", Soundgarden, Asti

  • 2010 - Contest-exhibition "Io espongo, XII Edizione", Quadrilatero Romano, Torino.

  • 2009 - "My personal gallery", Torino.

  • 2009 - Collective exhibit. "Pintores Noveles" at '"Hotel Regina", Parigi.Galerias Fivars.

  • 2009 - '"Alcool, Club Wine & Drinks", Torino.

  • 2008 - "Pintores Noveles" Galleria Fivars Monte Pego, Alicante, Spagna.

  • 2008 - Collective exhibit. "EAT, nutrirsi d'arte", Palazzina del Parco della Tesoriera, Torino.

  • 2007 - Collective exhibit. "Colori e sensazioni", InArte association, Moncalieri, Torino.

  • 2002 - Collective exhibit. “Concorso d´arte, Valsusart giovani V edizione", Comune di Bussoleno.
    Argentinian exhibitions:

  • 2001 - “Mis primeros viajes”, Legislatura de la provincia de Córdoba,. TV interview for Canal2.

  • 2000 - Collective exhibit. “Concurso para nuevos artistasi, pintura al aire libre". Casona Municipal, Comune di Córdoba. First mention.

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